Sani x Rent the Runway


Through a partnership with fashion brand Sani, women can rent South Asian fashion for the first time on Rent the Runway.

Niki and Ritika Shamdasani are the entrepreneurial designer duo behind the effortless glamour of South Asian fashion brand Sani, Rent the Runway's launch partner for this vertical. The sisters built their brand from the ground up, in part to solve their own struggle to find high quality, multicultural designs.

Their designs are rooted in heritage, but infused with fresh perspectives from both East and West. Together, the duo work tirelessly to increase visibility of South Asia's timeless fashions while growing their ability to provide this beautiful, comfortable, and distinctive fashion to ever increasing demand. Enter Rent the Runway.

"Rent the Runway is a perfect partner to help us serve a growing demand for these timeless styles," said co-founder and CEO Nikita Shamdasani. "They care about the cultural context behind the clothes while we work together to increase access to South Asian fashion. We are proud to be at the forefront of this initiative to serve this growing need with Rent the Runway."

Read more about Sani and the sisters behind it on their website, Instagram, and Facebook.

See the Sani styles now available on Rent the Runway: the Siri Anarkali, the Husna Lengha, and the Ashley Lengha.  

The Sani Sisters: 

For more information, please contact: 

Niki Shamdasani

CEO & Co-Founder