Our Story

s a n i is a brand of Indian-inspired occasion wear that can be taken from an Indian wedding to a gala. We represent a new generation of multicultural women who are ready to see themselves in the clothes they wear - a blend of Indian culture with influences from around the world.  

Sisters Ritika and Niki Shamdasani always found the craftsmanship and design of Indian fabrics and patterns beautiful. Yet these fabrics were hardly ever translated into formal Indian clothing that they loved. So they went back to India to design pieces based on inspiration from strolling the streets of New York City to the deepest lanes of Chandni Chowk.

This labor of love became a full family business. With a mother who has a design background that could help them understand the finer points of design and doing business in India, as well as a father that could counsel them on best practices for building an apparel business, Sani went from an idea to reality. 

And so Sani was born. We bring luxurious fabrics and modern designs together to create the outfits we always wished we could find. 

The Sani sisters in their pieces
Image courtesy of Laura King.