It was 2017 and we hated shopping for South Asian clothing.

Shopping for your next occasion shouldn’t be about finding a diamond in the rough. It shouldn’t be about...

Listening to non-related uncles tell you what looks good on you. 

Sifting through outfits that look like bling was thrown up on it. 

Traveling far distances to settle on an outfit that's just okay.

But those had been our experiences over and over again. 

When our moms were growing up in India, if they couldn’t find what they wanted, they made it themselves. So that’s what we decided to do as well. We were two sisters that were determined to bring our cultural identities together through a brand that made the shopping experience for South Asian fashion more resonant for South Asian Americans. 

At Sani, our outfits are distinct and we are obsessive about every part of the quality, design, and experience. We craft our pieces with the same attention to detail as the highest-end designers that charge thousands of dollars for their products.

Our linings are silky soft.

Our outfits are meant for the woman on the go (yes we have pockets!).

We don't artificially inflate our prices as a precursor to bargaining - we keep it simple and priced right so you don't walk away thinking you could have pushed for a lower price. 

Most importantly, we strive to be as responsible and sustainable a business as possible (and we’re still learning how to do it!). We work on considering all of the costs when creating fashion, not just the tangible ones. That includes operating with ethical manufacturing partners, reducing inventory waste, and batch shipping to reduce our carbon footprint. 

...And we pushed ourselves to bring it all together through a shopping experience that was more effortless than ever before. We don’t want you to have to travel to India to like what you buy. 

There wasn’t a go-to brand in the US for South Asian clothing, but now there is. So find your future fit here. Because you deserve to look and feel your best without having to travel the world to make it happen. 

Welcome to Sani. 

Image courtesy of Justin Eisner